Covenant Membership

Riza aims to create neighborhood gospel communities that practice contemplative spirituality, cultivate holistic community, and support the foster care community. We want to create committed Christian living communities where members experience the life of Christ together and through their practiced community become a witness to the watching world of the Kingdom of God. 

Our covenant community membership is a commitment to intentional Christian living with other believers. As an covenant member, you will live with or near other Riza community members and explore shared practices of prayer, community, and service. Covenant membership is for those who have made a concerted effort to explore their call to community and want to now put that call into action. All covenant members make commitment to at least two years of community life, and become integral to every facet of our life together.

Foster Care

Riza intentional communities focus their service on the foster care community. We believe aiding foster youth and foster/adoptive families is one of the most concrete ways we can care for the most vulnerable among us and express the Kingdom of God. All Riza members are expected to contribute on some level to service in the foster care community. Covenant members will be expected to participate in on-going monthly service/support of the foster community. Such service can include:

Help with child care
Concrete acts of service for foster families (household work, errands, cooking etc)
Mentoring for foster youth
Participation in a monthly Foster Support group
Offering foster care as an individual or family
Adopting from foster care

If you are a believer who has seriously considered pursuing foster care, we would strongly urge you to reach out to us! We actively seek to make foster families a part of our communities.

Neighborhood Community

The core of covenant membership is our life together in a neighborhood community where you can share practices of faith, community and service. A typical month in the neighborhood community will follow a rhythm of weekly gathering that might consist of the following:

1st Week – Riza Family Meal: a shared meal with other community members, followed by prayer and communion

2nd Week – Contemplative Prayer Night: an open gathering for the learning and practice of Christian contemplative practices

3rd Week – Riza Family Meal: a shared meal with other community members, followed by prayer and communion

4th Week – Transformational Community Experience: see above description

5th Week (quarterly) – Neighborhood Celebration: an open festive gathering where Riza invites neighbors and friends to a relaxed, fun atmosphere

Riza members intentionally live within walking distance of each other, so that we can also promote more informal, extended family kinds of relationships. Members can expect informal habits of connection, fun, and prayer that spring up organically from the community’s shared life. 

Join the Community!

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