Our Community

Riza is made up of simple, ordinary people. Here’s a little bit about our current members:

Abigail Smith
Abby hails from the great state of New Hampshire, where she grew up as a preacher’s kid. She went to college at Lincoln Christian University, where she studied philosophy and spiritual formation. She’s a fan of Jane Austen movies, coffee, and all things blankets.


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Jeremy Smith
Jeremy is originally from Daytona Beach, Florida and he still has a soft spot for Florida beaches and theme parks. Jeremy grew up in church (he’s also a preacher’s kid), and attended Johnson University Florida (B.A. in Humanities and Bible) and later attended the seminary at Lincoln Christian University where he earned his Master of Divinity. Jeremy loves thick books, writing, and board games.


Laura Hendrickson
Laura is originally from the farms of Iowa, where she grew up in a strong Christian family. Laura studied at the University of Northwestern and later worked as a teacher and missionary in Russia for eight years. She also earned a Masters of Religious Education from Lincoln Christian University. Laura loves good popcorn, quiet walks, and exploring different cultures.